Fusion Conference 2020: ONLINE & LIVE

3rd-4th September 2020

Into the deep

New waves of salvation are breaking over the universities, God is moving and invites us to join in with his movement.  He encourages us to wade out into his river - that raging torrent of grace. To dare to swim in deep water, allow ourselves to be caught in the current of his Kingdom agenda, swept along by the untamed rapids of his calling - this is the faith adventure you were made for.

‘By now it was a river over my head, water to swim in, water no one could possibly walk through’

(Ezekiel 47:5, the message)

Join us on the 3-4 September 2020 for what will be a significant time to gather and listen to God, pray and contend of a move of his spirit in the student world and hear some inspiring stories and insights from scripture for this unique time in history.

The Conference is FREE, but for a front-row seat, the latest updates and a place in the seminar stream please register with your e-mail.


Media Pack

Join us for the Fusion Conference: Online & Live

What will each day look like? 

The live-stream will start at 4pm on this webpage and our social media platforms. There will then be a selection of Zoom seminars to choose from. Register with your email for all the seminar information. After seminars, we will break for dinner and then come back together for an evening gathering of live content, worship & response starting at 8pm.

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