Why Escape and Pray?

Escape and Pray is an eye opening and faith building adventure. You are invited to step out of your comfort zone and trust on God’s provision. Fusion is reaching for a global student mission movement, grounded in the local church. Escape & Pray is one part of a catalyst for this movement amongst church & students. 

When and how long is it?

Choose your own 48 hr period departing any time between the 9th - 19th June 2017. 

What is included in the cost of my ticket? 

Your flight to and from a European destination. €20 spending money, or the equivalent in local currency. Your Escape and Pray T-shirt. Your Escape and Pray challenge pack. You will need to get yourself to and from the UK airport. 

What can I do to prepare?

Leading up to your adventure you’ll receive travel guidelines along with a regular devotional. The devotional will fuel you with faith, encourage and prepare you. You should also read the Escape & Pray 10 commandments

New to 2017: At least one member of your team must attend a mandatory training day on Saturday 6th May 2017 in Loughborough, 10:30am - 3pm. It's preferable if it's your team leader, better yet your whole team. If your team's application is accepted, you'll be sent further details regarding this time.

What size team would you recommend? 

We welcome teams of 2-4 people. If you’re a team of two, you must both be of the same gender. 

Where can I fly from?

Most major UK airports. We will ask for your preferred airport. This airport is not guaranteed. Sometimes we can source better destinations from alternative airports. Luton & Stansted offer particularly good destinations!

You need to arrange your transport to and from the UK airport. Expect to be required to arrive at the airport at early o'clock - 5-6am is pretty standard to get you there in time for check-in. 

Is accommodation provided?

No. This is part of the faith adventure! You’ll have some time upon discovering your destination to do some research, contact local churches & pray. Once you touch down it’s a case of following where God leads you. 

Be prepared to purchase your own accommodation, in youth hostels for example. Several teams in prior years have opted for this route soon into their adventures to focus on blessing and praying for others rather than their needs. This also offers opportunity for great conversation with fellow back-packers. 

What should I bring?

Travel Light. A carry on rucksack is all you’ll need along with a basic wash kit and a some clothes. Your smart-phone, its charger & a travel adapter & power bank will be useful for communicating and navigating. You’ll find European data roaming for smart-phone really useful.

You should get yourself a free European Health Card

Is travel insurance included? 

No. As part of the booking you'll read & consider the terms and conditions of participation. It is your responsibility to obtain European travel insurance for yourself and your belongings.

Do I have to be a student to do Escape & Pray?

No, it’s not limited to students. Participants must be over the age of 18. If you’re a recent grad, student worker or church leader you’re very welcome to Escape and Pray! Last year a number of student workers led teams of students and they found it a really effective tool for discipleship. 

What happens in an emergency? 

It depends! You'll have access to a 24-hr ICE phone number, along with various other advice & guidance. Fusion will be there to encourage & assist you in getting to safety.

Why are you limiting the number of Escape & Pray teams?

Our goal for Escape & Pray 2017 is to send a smaller number of passionate, trained teams to fewer destinations. In previous years, we have sent multiple teams to single cities which can over saturate local's with escapee's!

There are only 50 team tickets available to Escape & Pray in 2017, 25 of which will be available up to 31st Jan at a price of £115 per person. A further 15 teams can apply up to 31st March at price of £125 per person. And a final 10 teams can apply by 30th April at a price of £135 per person. The closer we get to the event the higher the costs of flights are so it's essential that you apply early. Applying does not guarantee your team will Escape & Pray. If your application is accepted, each team member will need to provide prompt payment and further details in the form of an online form.

Fusion reserve the right to refuse a team's application.