Fusion Conference 2018

‘Never let the fire in your heart go out. Keep it alive. Serve the Lord.’

Romans 12:11

The King's Centre, Oxford





Jesus the Jester - Luke Smith (Main Hall)

Jesus was a master of surprise. He subverted the religious authorities, refused to hold on to earthly power, spoke about an upside down Kingdom, asked questions, answered hardly any and was content for people to be confused. He invites us into a diverse and colourful discipleship journey to provoke the world and let go of control. Hear stories of the great tricksters and jesters of the church and explore how we can do provocative evangelism.

Luke Smith is Fusion’s Teams Builder, helping team thrive in their roles. He has just come back from a Sabbatical with a particular focus on exploring the theme of Jesters in Scripture and Culture. He lives in York with his wife Hannah and two boys, Morgan and Aaron and is one of God’s idiots.


Mission in Action - Jo Davis & Katherine O’Shea (Hinskey)

Did you know that you have your own way that you naturally and effectively share faith with those around you? We want to activate you in that style and equip you to go back to your campus and City ready to share Jesus with fresh ideas to try out.

Jo and Katherine are both Student Mission Developers with Fusion, helping equip and inspire students for mission across the nation. Katherine works with drama schools, lives in Sidcup, South East London and does eyebrow acrobatics. Jo lives in Manchester with her Husband Oli, she loves speaking French, running and swimming (not at the same time).


Students and Mental Health - Ruth Ayers (Cherwell)

We are seeing remarkable levels of mental health crisis amongst students across the UK. University counselling services are overrun and we are aware, as students and student workers, of just how common it is for students to be struggling with a whole range of mental health challenges. What does it look like for us to engage meaningfully and wisely with those who are struggling and how can we best advocate for mental wellbeing amongst our peers and those we lead.

Ruth is a qualified Social Worker and has worked with vulnerable children, young people and their families for over 15 years. She is knowledgeable and open about the challenges that young people are facing in todays culture. Ruth has also worked in the Charity sector and spent 2 years working for a youth charity around Mental Health and self-harm. She wrote resources, spoke at events and worked directly with young people experiencing mental health difficulties. Ruth wants to see the Church rising up to better help, support and walk alongside vulnerable struggling young people and those experiencing challenging mental health.


Huddle session: The Strong and the Risky - Pippa Elmes (Cotswold Hall)

Student Ministry is a great opportunity for risk taking pioneering. Student Ministry needs to grow in depth of maturity through tried and tested methods that we are confident bear fruit. Both these statements are true. Come and explore the tensions and opportunities found in balancing best practice and pioneering.

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Small Groups of Real Growth - Alan Taylor (Wytham)

Sometimes it can feel like ‘growth’ may ruin the reason we want to be part of a small group. Not so for the early church. They grew rapidly through small groups in homes. The deal with small is not that it never grows, it’s how it grows. Explore with honesty what it looks like to grow and multiply small groups well.

Alan was a student worker and church leader at Ivy Church in Manchester before joining Fusion in 2016 developing our small group resources, investing in partnerships and connections across Europe and now leads one of Fusion’s Regional Teams. He lives in Manchester where he’s involved in a church plant with his wife Ruth and their kids Moses, Micah and Miri.