Fusion Germany exists to help equip and support the local church in Germany so that they can effectively love and serve the students of Germany.


There are 30 million students in Europe.

We're inviting churches to play their part in forming a net over the sea of Europe's universities to bring in a huge catch. The knots in this net are hundreds of local churches across Germany and thousands across Europe.

We see leaders with a passion for students rising up in Germany with a heart for their city, their nation and a desire to build relationships with churches far and wide. We are currently connected with 86 churches across Germany who have signed up to Student Linkup and decided to invest in student mission.

Will your church be part of the net?


The heart of Fusion Germany is to serve the local church in order to help reach students. The dream is to see churches training their young people for university life, welcoming new students, and discipling current students to live missional lives at university. To see the churches already signed up to Student Linkup, click here.


  • Student Linkup app in German to help students find local churches.
  • An invitation to an International Day (hosted in the UK) to connect with leaders across different countries with opportunity to learn from the wider student movement.
  • One to one consultations with church leaders and student workers looking at specific needs and plans for your student ministry.
  • Support and Training for church based student workers


  • Support for gatherings in Germany, where churches can explore how to start working with students, as well as training for more experienced churches
  • Practical training, networking, idea sharing, support and prayer.
  • Sharing the stories of God's work in Germany among students in churches.

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