Graduate Diploma in Kingdom
Theology and Student Ministry



This course, unique in the UK, is designed for student workers who want to invest in their personal spiritual walk with Jesus and to grow in their knowledge, love of and maturity in Student Ministry. We believe that theological study is a wellspring of insight and life for all those who follow Jesus, which shapes and brings wisdom to how we live, lead and outwork our calling. If you're looking to go deeper with God and to mature your understanding and outworking of your ministry, then this is the course for you. 

If you're interested and would like to hear more, why not join us for an hour on Wednesday 14th February to have a chance to learn more about the course and ask your questions. You can register for that call here.

An exciting collaboration, this course combines WTC's excellence in academic, Spirit-filled theological teaching and Fusion's experience in practical Student Ministry training. We believe this ground-breaking qualification will become a key foundation stone in the future development of church based student mission - and we invite you to consider applying to be a part of this significant and timely venture.

For further discussion about the course, please get in touch with Ryan Galpin (Programme Director) at

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Cost: £4,000 per year*

Delivery: 2 Years, part time. This course is designed to fit alongside the rest of life, work and ministry. Content is delivered through annual residentials and local learning hubs. It is recommended students set aside a day a week for study time.**

Entry Requirements: Applicants will need a Bachelor’s degree or previous higher education experience. For those without a Bachelor’s degree, but with professional qualifications or relevant experience, please contact us to discuss your eligibility. It is also essential that prospective students have an active student work role within a local church.

Validation: This Graduate Diploma is a Level 6 qualification, fully validated by the University of Chester.

*Subject to annual increases
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Interested in signing up for or finding out more about this exciting new training opportunity? For more information click the link below to see the course outline on WTC's website.

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You can also contact us if you have any questions about the course.

The urgent task of reaching the student world for Christ requires the training of world class student workers; workers whose calling to students is not a stepping stone for other ministry but a rock on which the church can change the university and move the student world. This level of investment and training for the task of student mission among Europe’s 25 million students is long overdue and I am thrilled that Fusion can partner with Westminster Theological Centre to pioneer this course and to give student ministry the strong theological foundation it merits.

Rich Wilson, Fusion Team Leader