Huddles consist of 3-6 student workers who meet 3 times over a year, online, to sharpen, encourage and strengthen one another in ministry.

This will involve prayer and encouragement as well as sharing practical questions, asking for advice, experience or insight and having the space to challenge one another on the journey.

This year we are running two styles of huddles; Student Worker Huddles and a Pioneer Huddle. Student Worker huddles are for those with an established student ministry. The Pioneer Huddle is for those starting student ministry from scratch.

Huddles have three main purposes:
1. To learn from and with other student workers - to cheer one another on, looking to affirm and encourage where you see good.
2. To be sharpened - to learn from one another, being open to challenge and critique, whilst asking others good questions to sharpen them.
3. A place for reflection, evaluation and strategic development  - best practice is to be self reflective, working out where we have come from and where we are headed

What is the time commitment?
Student Worker Huddles will happen once a term (3 times a year) and will be 1 hours 15 mins long. We ask that you commit to all 3 of these because we want our huddles to journey together.

Pioneer Huddles will begin with two 2 hour sessions in the autumn term, followed by support throughout the year from Fusion Team members, and a one-hour session in the summer term.

What might a huddle involve?
This is your time and space. However, some questions and ideas will be provided to spark or guide conversations should they be required.

This may look like:

  • New ideas you have tried
  • Old ideas that have worked well
  • Difficult questions from your ministry
  • Sharing of useful resources
  • Vision for your ministry
  • Analysis of your context
  • Growing/leading a team
  • Analysis of an event or outreach opportunity
  • Sharing thoughts on others’ ministries, by asking good questions
  • Prayer 

How many are in a huddle and who will I be with?
There will be 3-6 people in a huddle. Who you are with will be based on your availability.
*Please note, the Pioneer Huddle has limited spaces as there will only be one huddle.

When do they start?
The first Student Work and Pioneer huddle gatherings will take place during the week commencing the 21st November.

If you would like to join a huddle, you can sign up here:

Student Work Huddle

Pioneer Huddle


Louise, Student Worker in Winchester