Every Fusion team member must raise their entire salary and expenses. They are responding to God's call and need a team around them who support, encourage and pray for them. This is not only good for that team member in confirming their calling to the role, it is also the momentum behind the movement and we believe it is also good for you. Will you be part of their team?

Hello! Welcome to the “Team Michael” page. Thanks for visiting - I’d very much like to tell you a little more about me, the work I do, and why I’m excited to be a part of the Fusion Movement.

My three greatest passions in life are sharing about God’s Kingdom, serving the church, and seeing young people inspired, trained and released to impact the world around them. With Fusion I get to outwork these passions simultaneously, alongside an amazing group of people who share them with me.

Students are incredible

Out of every demographic in society they are the ones that carry the most potential for influencing lasting change. They’re full of energy, hope and vision and most importantly, are in a unique stage of life that gives them the freedom to fully activate and pursue these things. I have the great privilege of working with them to help them realise, channel, shape and unleash all that they’re carrying. I love watching them catch a glimpse of God and his Kingdom; the sparks of creativity that fly as they figure out what part they could play in it; the joy they express as they sense God using them; and the determination they develop to be part of a generation that introduce the world to His love.

What I do for Fusion:

I work for Fusion full-time developing their training pathways and resources. In particular I help guide new Fusion employees through their first 1000 hours on the job and lead our new Grad-Dip Programme. I want to help all Fusion staff, partnered churches, students and student workers become as prepared and equipped as I can to do the work they feel God is calling them to do. 

Aside from my work with Fusion I am part of an experimental church plant in Derby seeking to reach out to creative and entrepreneurial millennial. I’m also feeding my love for the Bible and theology by studying a part time MA. When I’m not working or studying I enjoy good food and drink, good board games, good company and the good and often not-so-good of Liverpool FC. 

Working with Fusion is a constant adventure. If you'd like to join me on it through prayer and through financial support I’d love to have you join Team Michael. Go Team!

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I believe good student work can make a major contribution towards seeing God’s Kingdom come on earth. I feel called to be a part of this movement. Could you partner with me?