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Discipleship Deck

Discipleship Deck is more than your average deck of playing cards. Each card contains a discipleship question that will provoke honesty and integrity. They bring purpose to accountability. Throughout the church, people are meeting up to encourage one another in their walk with Jesus. This deck of cards helps those conversations to get real, quickly.

Each suit is a different category of questions focusing on your lifestyle, relationships, spiritual growth and mission. The questions include; ‘Where do you go for comfort?’, ‘Who are you praying will come to faith in Jesus?’, ‘What are you thankful for at the moment?’, ‘Do you need to forgive anyone?’.

Put away your poker face, this is not a game you can win by bluffing. Instead raise the stakes in vulnerability, bet on honesty and gamble with openness. Courageous card playing is not about sticking to safe hands - greater freedom and friendship is what this game is all about.