We want to see a generation come to know Jesus, yet currently, only 1% of students are connected to a local church. We have a vision to see every church resourced to reach every student and you can be part of this! 

Do you want to play your part in seeing a generation come to know Jesus? Let’s extend the invite to Try Church. Try Church is an invitation to every student to find hope in Jesus and home in the local church.

This page is here to help you move out of your comfort zone and invite all students to Try Church. We will share stories, how to’s and inspiration to help you invite a generation. The link below is full of resources that could help you invite a generation of students to try church, we hope you find them useful! 

Try Church Resources 

Can we see every university campus prayer-walked this autumn term?

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Nicky Gumbel

"I never went to church as a child but found faith in Jesus at university and my life was totally transformed. Many of my friends also became Christians while we were studying and have gone on to do some remarkable things. University is such a significant time. You are making decisions that will impact the rest of your life. It is so important for people to be given the opportunity to encounter Jesus."

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Your Try Church Toolkit


"Before, I’d call myself a Christian but I’d never read the Bible. I had never met anyone who had a relationship with Jesus until I came to uni - I didn’t know that a relationship with God was a thing…"

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Try Church Stories