The Vision is To invite ALL students to #TryChurch and to equip churches to welcome ALL students.

For many years, churches have been keen to connect with Christian students through Student Linkup. This is sensible and important. More recently, it has become apparent that there are thousands of students who would be very interested in trying a church, if they were invited. University students are predominantly an un-churched generation.

We believe that trying a church at university could be the best decision a student makes at university. It could be a significant milestone in their life. But if they never go, they’ll never know. So let’s start inviting.

Below are a series of stories that will help you plan how to welcome all students to your church.

Luke's Story

"The most common question people asked at Freshers' Fairs this Autumn was "what do you actually do in church?". The second question was "what day of the week do you meet?" so we cannot make assumptions..."

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Things you can do

Viki's Story

"Do I have to cover my shoulders? Should I register? Do I have to pay entry? Will I be judged if I wear ripped jeans?

Amongst many, many others, these are some genuine questions I had before I walked into church for the first time."

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Things people have done