We love students, we love it when people share Jesus, we love our neighbours, we love boldness, we love creativity and we love the local church.

In celebration of all the good news stories of student mission around the land, and in encouragement of all the missional ideas still to be tried, we have created the Student Mission Awards!

Got a great Freshers mission story? Want to share how you've used the online world to be a digital missionary? Got a great example of evangelism that connects with each of the Mission Styles? There's even a category for the 'best idea'... so pitch a mission dream, and you might win sponsorship to make it a reality!

The Awards

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT MISSION AWARD: An estimated 20% of the students in the UK are classified as internationals, this award recognises those who are engaging most effectively with their fellow students from all around the world.

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FRESHERS AWARD: Freshers isn’t just about how many Christian students we can get into our churches, but about welcoming all freshers to try church amidst the chaos of freshers’ week. This award is for all those who have done exactly that.

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ESCAPE AND PRAY AWARD: Pilgrims, not tourists. Mission, not city break. Revival, not survival. This award celebrates remarkable stories of mission and prayer from the faith adventure that is escape and pray.

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DIGITAL MISSION AWARD: As we live much of our lives online, the need to engage with people digitally is fundamental. This award is for digital missionaries.

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SOCIAL ACTION AWARD: An award for students who have demonstrated a heart for the poor and needy in their cities. For those who recognise the call to live for Jesus at uni takes us beyond our campuses, and into our city street.

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BEST IDEA AWARD: This one’s for the dreamers and schemers. Give us your best idea for a bold and exciting new missional activity and we will sponsor you to make it happen.

Mission Style Awards:

The Mission Style Awards are four separate awards based on the four Mission Styles; Convince Me, Let Me Experience, Show Me and Talk With Me:

CONVINCE ME: This award celebrates missional activities that engage with those who love the big debates, discussions and research.

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LET ME EXPERIENCE: This award is all about those who act first and think later. Ideas that come from asking ‘why not?’ and then going and doing.

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SHOW ME: This award celebrates missional activities that help people realise that Jesus makes a difference in practical ways. Show me people see needs and they meet them.

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TALK WITH ME: This award recognises the best and brightest ways of connecting with people who enjoy a good conversation and personal connection. Talk with me people respond to relationship, story and testimony.

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Applications open soon

The awards evening will be this time next year on Thursday 15th of February 2018, in the heart of London no less! Get thinking about what you do to loveyouruni that we can celebrate with you?!

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