"This year I'll be inviting my non-Christian friends to BCDO"

We're looking forward to being at the Big Church Day Out later this year! Rosie Vickery-Brown, a University of Chichester graduate, tells us about her time at one of the largest Christian festivals in the UK.

'Incredible live music from the largest Christian artists, dancing in a field as the sun sets, sitting round a roaring campfire late into the night, belly-laughing in the Comedy Tent and more food options than you can imagine are just some of the things awaiting you at this incredible Christian festival!

Five of us decided to go to BCDO in 2016, we packed our tents, sleeping bags and wellies and crammed into the car for what promised to be a weekend we wouldn’t forget. It was the artist line up that first caught our attention (and this year’s is just as amazing!) but we quickly realised it was about so much more than the music. The atmosphere is incredible, you’re surrounded by thousands of Christians of all ages, all ready to worship and enjoy the endless list of festival experiences on offer with friends and family.

We spent the days dancing in the crowd under the sunshine (work deadlines became a distant memory!), wandering round the food vans drooling over their delicious street-food menus and gathering at our tent for a coffee before heading back out for the evening.

Our nights were spent getting lost in worship with 25,000 other voices singing under the stars, being part of the incredible moment when Pete Grieg led hundreds of people to Jesus, then making our way to the campfire with acoustic sets from main stage worship leaders and laughing ‘til it hurt in the Comedy Tent to end the evening.

This year I'll be inviting my non-Christian friends too. It’s the perfect place to say 'this lively, friendly, fun-loving bunch is the UK church and you're welcome to be a part of it', and give them an easy and inspiring introduction to faith."

The Big Church Day Out 2017

South – 27th-28th May, Wiston House, West Sussex
North – 2nd – 3rd June, Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire

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