Mission Styles and Alpha: 'Talk with me'

Track with us as we explore how four individuals outworked their Mission Style through Alpha.

Talk with me: A ‘Talk with me’ person is looking to connect through conversation. They end up in deep-and-meaningfuls all the time and love it, especially when they get the chance to bring Jesus into the story.

Sophie's Story

My friends and I have loads of questions about life, from what’s the new Netflix show, to is there more to life than just going to lectures?

I really wanted to run Alpha so that we could explore some of our questions together and simply talk more, but I was worried inviting my university friends was going to be awkward or they'd just say no straight away. To my surprise the three friends I asked all said they would come. Not just that, but they were excited to try Alpha.

That's when I decided to host Alpha in my lounge.

It was easy, convenient and more importantly, a place my friends had been many times before. It was a relaxed environment they were familiar with, where they could just be themselves. We used the Alpha Film Series which worked really well. It uses examples you can relate to and prompted everyone to open up about similar experiences they had. When we shared with each other about our lives it made us all feel so much closer as a friendship group.

I'd say the most incredible thing about doing Alpha for me has been seeing the change it's made to all of our lives. For example my friend Rob* only prayed when he was nervous or wanted something, like a good result in an exam. He didn't know you could have a personal relationship with Jesus. After watching the episode on 'How and Why Should I Pray?' he prays regularly and thanks God for all that He has done and is doing in his life - it's completely changed his everyday life. 
Since this experience it’s opened up more and more conversations with other people. I’m excited to see what God continues to do in the lives of my friends.

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*Names changed

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