Mission Styles and Alpha: 'Let me experience'

Track with us as we explore how four individuals outworked their mission style through Alpha.

Let me experience: A ‘Let me experience’ person just goes ahead and tries stuff. They trust their instincts and have a go at sharing Jesus in new ways and with new people, even if they're not sure how it'll work out.

Esther's Story

After I started regularly attending Church on a Sunday I kept hearing people mention Alpha. When I first heard testimonies from the course I automatically thought of one of my friends at uni who I’d been praying for and hoped to bring him along. 

We both study at Imperial college and there was a course was just down the road from us. Even though my main reason for coming along to Alpha was for my friend (& the free food!), it turned out that Alpha was for me too!

Although I had been a Christian my whole life I had never encountered the Holy Spirit before and I didn’t fully know what it was like to have a personal relationship with Jesus. That was until we went on the weekend away. We spent the time away talking about who the Holy Spirit is and at the end of one talk the leader invited the Holy Spirit to come. It was then that I had a personal encounter with Jesus for the first time and he showed me a picture that spoke to me and I felt peace. This was the moment that changed everything for me, I felt as though I had truly experienced God. From that point on every time I pray I still sense the presence of God. It’s wonderful. 

The friend I brought along hasn’t come to faith but I know it gave him a lot to think about. For me, if I hadn’t been to Alpha I wouldn’t have learnt how to hear Gods voice in my life and experience him in my everyday. 

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