Try Mission, Try Alpha: Michael's Story

Track with us as we explore how four individuals outworked their Mission Style through Alpha.

Convince me: A ‘Convince me’ person likes to weigh stuff up before coming to conclusions. They're thought-through, they know why they believe what they believe and if they've got questions, they'll do their homework to find out more about Jesus.

Michael's Story

I was recently a helper on my churches Alpha. This recent Alpha group was full of people asking a lot of questions, debating and figuring out truth. We talked about all sorts of things sparked by the guests in my group. We had someone who was Catholic and it got the group talking about whether the Catholic Bible and faith was different from Christian. Then on the weekend away we got talking about gifts and signs. One girl was wondering why tongues was so special, why do we need it? Another had questions on healing. There was one girl who hadn't seen healing after asking God for it for a while. It made me wonder how she hadn’t come to resent God.

The great thing about Alpha is the questions and the space to ask them. I have seen that having them and contemplating them alone helps the person in my group connect with god. Just the process. For me most of my questions of God and of my faith do exactly that, they help me find God. Either I get an answer and I’m like wow 'I didn't even think of that' and I know it’s God. Others I’m still waiting for an answer and I have to remind myself that He's omniscient and if I understood it all he wouldn't be God. 

All in all, Alpha has drawn me closer to god, to be able to ask these questions has been a blessing. I'm looking forward to moving from helper to hosting on Alpha next time and continuing the process of exploring God through questions.

Try Mission, Try Alpha

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