Team Spirit

Rolling her eyes as Ellen and Josh bickered on, Megan failed to mask an exasperated sigh.

“How about actually speaking up if things are that bad?” Ellen snapped, catching the other two off guard.

“Well, it’s just… the team has become so consumed with disagreement that we’ve made no plans for the event next week and I’ve now got to catch my train.” Megan said hesitantly, and hooked her bag over her shoulder. Instead of anticipation, team spirit and an excellent missions evening planned for the students, she walked away deflated and disappointed. Guilty, even. Had they even included God in their conversations?

Working as part of a team is hard. Even once a common goal is established, there are still different opinions and characters thrown into the mix. It can get messy.

But it doesn’t have to.

Teamwork is unavoidable as a follower of Christ.

We’re all called to the same mission, and we’re called to do it together. In fact, when a team is operating well, it is an incredible opportunity for Kingdom orientated individuals to come together, and for God given visions to collide. So what could this model of teamwork look like?

  1. Rooted. Team Spirit could amount to nothing if built on circumstances that may change. It could lead to anything if your Team Spirit is the Holy Spirit.
  2. Undistracted. A common goal established and prioritised over any obstacles.
  3. Sacrificial. Teamwork takes time. It may take giving up on your “brilliant” idea in favour of something more practical or inspiring. Most of all it takes sacrifice of self as no.1.
  4. United. As a team, be it the church, the student work team, an #Escapeandpray team, or the worship team, unity is key. Be fiercely for one another and unite over your mission rather than dividing over your opinions.
  5. Vulnerable. Seeking to understand others and being open enough for people to understand you. Whilst we all operate differently, addressing these things leaves so much more space for a team to find one another's strengths and weaknesses.

What team are you a part of at the moment? No matter where within Christian life, the battle between kingdom agenda vs. enemy tactics is realer than ever, so gather your teammates and devise your battle plan.

This rings particularly true at the moment for our #escapeandpray teams. Don’t wait until the mission itself to find your rhythm as a team, prepare now!



Grace McSharry

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