Escape and Pray News: Day 1

The Story So Far...

It's official, Escape and Pray is under way! Today's teams have landed in Stuttgart, Eindhoven, Toulouse and Cologne. They've been fairly quiet on the social media front, but we can trust that God is using them in incredibly exciting ways.

Our very own Sam Deakin and his team have had a brilliant first day, and have even recruited a fourth team member from Toulouse! Here is their latest update:

There are lots of pictures of your preparations popping up on social media; it's great to see teams thinking ahead and getting excited:

Keep checking in over the next 10 days to hear about the #escapeandpray journeys, and E&P Teams, keep us all updated!

Grace McSharry

International Student Linkup Developer

Grace is working to see students and churches linked up internationally. She can frequently be found baking or singing into a spoon.

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