Escape and Pray News: Day 4

The Story So Far...

Today's #escapeandpray teams landed in...

  • Genoa, Italy 
  • Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Nantes, France 
  • Budapest, Hungary

Team Basel blessed their hosts with an English breakfast and some thank you notes as they prepared to return while lots of new friendships formed over food on Day 4.

Pippa and Anna weren't sitting back! They lined up a busy day in Valencia! Pippa writes, "Fed breakfast, given a packed lunch, got three meetings planned and the promise of a picnic on the beach tonight. Oh, and Leo and Marina lent us bikes for today!! The details are insane - yesterday I said how I wished we could have some of the amazing ice cream here and we just got a text from one of our meetings saying 'how about we go for ice cream?' Dream."

The Croatia team finished their time well after gathering to pray and worship with their Roman Catholic brothers and sisters. They had a team photo with their new family! 


The world is big and full of wonderful people. #escapeandpray #zagreb

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The team from Leicester were not afraid to be public with their faith in Budapest worshipping and praying on the streets while the Every Nation London team were getting ready to lift off to Italy. What God adventure awaits here? 


Twenty more minutes and we will know where our destination is! #pilgrimnottourist #escapeandpray #go2017 #everynationhammersmith

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A team of 4 girls headed to the ancient city of Thessonaliki where they found favour with a pioneer of new forms of church. 

And in Nantes the team invited the church to pray and joined a group to study the bible.


  • 4 teams headed off tomorrow.
  • Teams in Italy, France, Greece and Hungary to make amazing new friendships and bless those they're with. 

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