Escape and Pray News: Day 5

The Story So Far...

Today's teams landed in...

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Luqa, Malta 
  • Aarhus, Denmark
  • Malaga, Spain
  • Gdansk, Poland

Our team in Budapest have had a packed schedule, meeting with church leaders, prayer walking, and making sandwiches for the homeless. Meanwhile the team in Nantes got to join a bible study with people from all over the world last night, and have been in the centre today with a student worker.

We are loving the creative hashtags we're seeing across social media... #Jesusisthebudabest #bantsinnantes #asformeandaarhus

Some of today's highlights


  • One team heading off tomorrow
  • Clarity on how to spend tomorrow, for teams already in Europe
  • Churches to join Student Linkup

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