Escape and Pray News: Day 7

Todays Teams landed in:

  • Debrecen, Hungary
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Rennes, France
  • Rome, Italy

God is providing testimonies for every team, with our #escapeandpray teams all finding people to connect with, pray with, share Jesus with, and encourage. Our team in Bergen, Norway had a particularly amazing day yesterday and kicked off today early with worship at a church.

We're not only seeing updates from the trips themselves, but loving all the posts of our teams preparing really well for their adventures, and also reflecting on what God when they come back. 

A few highlights:


Just on our way back from Stansted Airport after #escapeandpray .. what an amazing 48 hours! God is so generous - blessing us with conversations about God and Aarhus while we were still in the airport, cups of tea, coffee, the most delicious burger any of us have ever had (seriously), opportunities to pray for healing, to share our faith, to pray over the city of Aarhus and the university there, with the lovely Laka who welcomed us into her home for 2 nights, the chance to meet and pray with all the amazing people at @aarhusvineyard, a new church plant, and finally today, coffee, Danish pastries and deep chats with the beautiful Katharina, Rikke and Anne. Definitely feel like I'm leaving a piece of my heart in Denmark ❤ #asformeandaarhus #pilgrimsnottourists

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  • The 7 teams off tomorrow
  • More boldness and zeal for the teams already in Europe

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