Escape and Pray: The Final Day!


Today was the final day of #escapeandpray for our UK teams- what an amazing 10 days it has been! We have absolutely loved seeing so many teams put their faith into action, and now all the reflective posts are popping up on social media. We hope the #escapeandpray stories have inspired you in your own walk with Jesus!

A few highlights...


•We went to Luxembourg with the focus of praying and blessing. We had €20 each and no plans of places to stay. We were touched both by how loving and by how thankful people were - finding out that being there was an answer to peoples prayers. •DAY 1 -we walked around praying for the uni, churches, students and city. •DAY 2 -went to a church service and prayer meeting where the people were so passionate about the brokenness of young people in their country, and so appreciative that God had sent us to remind them of His love and mission. One lady gave us money for burgers! Another church had a family charity event we helped with for the afternoon. It was great getting to know them and serving. A magazine journalist was writing an article about the fundraising event and might include why we were there in her article -please pray this reaches even more people! A very generous family hosted and fed us, prayed for us and allowed us to pray for them. •DAY 3 -met the student workers of the IFES CU student work. They were both so excited and inspired and hopeful for God to be at work in their uni in this next year - please pray for funding, and some Christian students who are so on fire for God to be sent to study at their uni so that there are more people they can work with to reach the students there.• #escapeandpray #fusion #pilgrimsnottourists #luxembourg #upallnighttogetluxxy #luxemburgers #luxembants #delux #allweneed #letsmakeithappen #students #church #more #blessed

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One final team from the Netherlands arrived in Dublin today - follow their story on #EscapeAndPray

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