#Escapeandpray The Luxembourg Story

A few weeks ago I was snoozing in an European Airport having been up since 2am in order to catch an early flight from Heathrow.

Our group ended up in Luxembourg.

To follow the whole adventure check out Highfield Students Facebook and Instagram. There are some great video updates including ones of me and Matt in some rather spectacular facepaint. (I maintain seeing Matt with pink, glittery lips was a definite highlight - especially his reaction to it...)

God did so much incredible stuff that if I wrote about it all this would become a VERY long post, so I'll stick to 3 highlight's:

1. Naturally I was quite concerned about my energy levels over the weekend. I knew from past teams that Escape and Pray involved quite a lot of walking, and there was the possibility of sleeping on the streets (the first night we did end up in the airport/bus shelter and it wasn't too bad... for one night). My prayer throughout was that I wouldn't simply "get by" but would thrive with an abundance of energy and enjoy it - which I did!

2. On the Sunday morning we joined an intercession (praying on behalf of others) group before the church service. It was amazing to pray with family we'd never met before, and to see how we fitted into God's bigger picture. Realising that our presence was an encouragement to others, was also encouraging to us.

3. Sunday night was spent at Evelyn and Michael's house. Spending time with them was a huge blessing (as were the comfy beds and delicious food!). In all seriousness, they were an inspiration, and it was a joy to hang out with them and their family.

There are many more people and moments I could mention - please don't feel left out – you were all amazing!

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