#Escapeandpray The Dusseldorf Story

Traveling to an unknown country with almost nothing… scary? Absolutely. Rewarding? More than I will ever know.

Our small band of four landed in Düsseldorf, Germany with the express mission of praying for the university and connecting with local churches. Before we had even arrived, God had provided lodging and most of our meals, which gave us ample time to spend on praying God’s heart over the city. Once on the university campus we did a prayer walk, prayed for students, and met a group of Christians, who promptly invited us on a picnic and showed us incredible hospitality. The University is tangibly dark, however we could see little sparks starting around the campus and we prayed for increase for those lights in the darkness.

The next day we sailed from church to church, connecting with pastors and seeing their hearts and passion for their city come alive in their services and in their love for the Lord. We experienced services in German, Spanish, Portuguese, and English along with gospel choirs, a Hillsong church party, and one church that holds seven services in one day- each in a different language! The desire to see revival among the nations in their city is highly apparent and well on its’ way to bearing fruit within the church, and exploding out into the city. We became excited along with them for the victories that are to come.

Our last day we walked along the Rhine, and through the city praying for government buildings, churches, and the overall attitude of the city towards God. A deeper understanding of trusting God, leaning into His presence, and being bold in Him influenced what we prayed for the city and dreaming big with God of what could happen in Düsseldorf. The Lord is moving and the darkness that’s there is weakening it’s hold on the city more every day. We may have only been there for 48 hours, but we are confidant that our prayers are still shifting atmospheres, breaking strongholds, softening hearts, and encouraging the faithful workers that the Lord is near and He will bring restoration, revival, and renewal to this beautiful city.

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