International Prayer Day

The excitement of being in a position to work with churches outside of the UK will never fade.

Since last September, we have seen 163 international churches sign up to Student Linkup. We have done visits to the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway. We have had countless conversations with international church leaders, over Skype and in person. We have had a Student Work gathering in Germany, and have had the privilege of hosting 9 Norwegians for a learning community.

What we have learned over the past year is that we’re not the only ones that God is talking to about Student Mission. He is stirring like-minded people across the nations, to work with students, to bring them to the heart of local church, and build unity with others. You can understand the excitement. We want to find more of these people, connect more churches to Student Linkup, and more specifically, find natives who are just as passionate as we are and ready to work with Fusion.

Will you join us in dedicating some time to pray for these divine connections? For God to bring people together who will facilitate a movement?

On August 2nd, we are hosting a prayer day for all things international. 12 hours to praise God for all He has already done, and intercede for what we want to see Him do. Regardless of where you are on the day, will you pray with us? We already have people from across the country and even Europe who have pledged to pray. The day is split into half-hour slots with specific things to pray for in each one, and you can sign up for as many or as few as you wish. There’ll even be a couple of live videos from Fusion team members to inspire you in your prayer and worship.

We’d love to see this day covered in prayer.  Please join us and make your pledge here.

Count me in!

Grace McSharry

Comms Administrator

Grace works to update and inspire you through Fusion's digital media. She loves to lead worship with her husband Dan, and feeding people her latest kitchen experiments.

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