'Twas the night before results

'Twas the night before results

'Twas the night before results, when all through the land,

Expectation was stirring, for successes planned.

The iPhone was laid by the bedside with prayer,

In hope that the morning would not bring nightmare!


The students were mixed in their bedtime routine,

But many felt nervous, and anxious, yet keen.

With some embracing caffeine, and others a nap,

To get through their final, long-awaited last lap.


When in the silence of waiting there arose such a peace,

As each quietly said, ‘Lord to you I release’.

Sending up prayers of boldness in the midnight hour,

Each man, each woman of God, was filled with his power.


The grades on which they heavily set their heart,

Held no match, they knew, to their God of great art.

For the worldly knowledge of students’ success,

Forgets that it’s those of humble heart he will bless.


submit your future to him

I hope you enjoyed this fun poem as you await your results tomorrow! Know that no matter what grades you get, God can and will use you to do great things. Remember that even the most humble of people in the Bible, like David the shepherd boy, were chosen to be the most successful! While exams may take your grades as a measure of how successful you can be, God looks at your heart. So before you find out your results tomorrow, use this time as an opportunity to submit your future to him. It’s time to live life in the faith lane and embrace the adventure he has ahead for you!


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