Deserts, Discomfort and Discipleship

We’re coming to the end of lent. Which I’m particularly pleased about as, after 6 weeks without, I’m really quite ready for a nice glass of wine! But I’ve been grateful for this season of restraint and lack, of yearning and reflection. Its highlighted things to me not just about my relationship with alcohol but also, far more importantly, my relationship with Jesus.  

It turns out I like comfort. Actually I’ve always known that. I’m a creature of habit and routine. I like things the way I like them. And I wouldn’t describe myself as a particularly out-there or radical person. But I’ve discovered over lent my comfort loving runs deeper than that. I’m actually quite resentful of anything that makes me even remotely uncomfortable. I get moody when I can’t have what I want, when I want it. And I really struggle to sacrifice things that bring me satisfaction and security. There are plenty of commentators out there who would point out that this is normal for our generation. But I’ve realised this lent that I don’t want it to be my normal anymore. And it certainly shouldn’t be normal for followers of Jesus.

The purpose of lent is to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. In lent we enter the desert place. The place of lack and need. The place of discomfort. The place of temptation. The place that forces you to question what you thought you knew, who you are, who God is. The place where you find yourself  empty, and finally, eventually, desperate enough to actually rely on God.

It’s into this place of uncomfortable but highly important emotional wrestling that I’d like to interject some thought provoking blog posts built around Holy Week and the build up to the crucifixion and eventually resurrection. What follows are daily uncomfortable devotional reflections that I’ve been challenging myself with. I encourage you as you read to press into the discomfort. Reflect, grieve, repent if you need to. I trust and pray that as you do you’ll sense Jesus walking with you.

Don’t worry… Its not all doom and gloom. Sunday is coming! But lets not exit the desert early and miss what God might have to say to us in this final week of Lent.

You can link to each devotion as it becomes available using the links below:

Holy Monday

Holy Tuesday

Spy Wednesday

Maundy Thursday

Holy Saturday


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Michael Wadsworth

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