Every step you take

It takes small steps to create a legacy.

As the phrase goes ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ Sometimes those small steps can look like giant leaps when you don’t feel up to the task.

A few years ago I went back to re-live my student days by doing a Masters degree. Unlike the first time round, I got stuck into a church right away. Eventually I realised there were other postgrads around me, all of whom didn’t feel they fitted in the student small group community, but were at a different stage of life to the 18-30s groups.

A few of us spoke to the student worker at our church, and thus the creatively named ‘Postgrad group’ was born. We kept praying for more people, and more postgrads attended. Over time, we multiplied into three small groups!

It wasn’t all easy. Often those of us leading it would feel too busy, tired or even just not good enough to run with it fully.

After all, who was I to lead something?

Whenever I felt overwhelmed or inadequate, I always looked at Moses’ conversation with God at the burning bush.

Moses is clearly a little overwhelmed with the task he’s been given.

“Who am I that I should go to Pharoah and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” (Exodus 3 v 11)

God doesn’t respond with niceties. He responds simply by stating who he is and what HE will do: “Who gave human beings their mouths? Is it not I, the Lord? …Go, I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.” (Exodus 4 v 11)

It certainly turns Moses’ attention back on the one sending him!

Ultimately, God is in control. He knows what he is doing, resources people and appoints them to the right task. It’s something we need to remember when we’re following God’s call to create a legacy.

I left ‘Postgrad group’ after I finished my degree, but it was a wonderful thing to hand it over and see it continue long after I moved on. We’re not the great ones, God is. So trust in his strength, guidance and wisdom and you’ve got yourself a toolkit for a kingdom legacy.

What steps is he calling you to take?

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Fusion Team

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