Share your student stories for the new Student Alphabet

I wish I’d known how to budget my student loan in my first year… If only I’d signed up for Volley Ball instead of watching daytime TV…I wish I’d made a decision to live with the friends I’d made in Halls so I could have stayed committed to those friendships … If only I was prepared for what to do at predrinks… So apparently those 9am lectures weren't optional extras…

If you've ever found yourself reflecting on your past student years, whether you’re a second year or a graduate, you can help future student generations before they even arrive! 

Fusion are all about equipping and resourcing students for their uni so they can feel prepared for this experience of a lifetime, make the most of so many opportunities and encourage them to live out their faith authentically and boldly. 

One of the resources we have is The Student Alphabet: an A-Z for Starting University which is an easy read and perfect for any Christian embarking on university life. It travels quickly from A to Z on everything you need to know about starting university and carrying on through the next few years (before you then read The Graduate Alphabet!). 

It’s light-hearted and practical approach shares loads of top advice, handy tips and real student stories on all sorts of topics including alcohol, lectures, budgeting, housemates, bills, homesickness, fresher’s week, and more! You can read it for just 80p here!

That’s where you come in! We need students of the country to share your short stories on a range of topics so that we can resource and advise new freshers. Do you have any advice about: Accountability, Alcohol, Budgeting, Church, Clubs, Coursework, Dating, Deadlines, Evangelism, Family, Freshers Week,  Friendships, God, Gossip, Halls of Residence, Homesickness, Jobs, Lectures, Quitting, Sex, Shopping, Social Secs, Time, Values, Washing, Work Experience … to name just a few!

Fusion Team

The vision of Fusion is to champion and catalyse church based student movements that see the student world reached and transformed by the gospel.