World Changing Vision

In this series we’re exploring how to lead dynamic small groups for the sake of the student world. Below is adapted from a chapter in the new workbook Small Groups: Big Mission.

What makes a vision “world changing”?

It’s a bold claim!

Well, the vision is simple yet compelling. It’s based in Jesus’ great commands (see Mark 12:29-31) that are destined to turn the student world the right way up. Love God, love one another and love the world.

This Kingdom vision was primarily outworked in Jesus’ ministry through a small group of followers. What makes us think we can do it differently in the student world? A student movement depends on growing one quality small group at a time skillfully, confidently and with a dynamic expectation for multiplication.

Ever since Jesus first gathered his small band of disciples, missional communities have been pioneering the church forward. Structures and language have come and gone, methodology and expressions continue to morph and change, but the values that give them life have remained. These values underpin the world changing vision.

These values are explored here under six headings:

1. Fully Focused - Jesus centred

This isn’t a social group, this is all about Jesus. The group rises or falls on remaining focused on Jesus.

2. All play - everyone serves

Let's empower all the students to play their part in the church.

3. Spiritual adventurers - discipleship

No part of our life is exempt from Jesus’ leadership, which means adventure!

4. See through lives - lifestyle

There’s no place for masks. Church with students needs to be real.

5. Doing life together - community

Not just a meeting but friends together on a mission.

6.  Growing pains - mission, multiplication and movement

The vision isn’t just a nice, cosy community. An authentic Kingdom vision compels Jesus’ followers to embrace inconvenience and take risks to reach more people and change the story of our universities.

Does this vision and these values intrigue you? Have you explored the power of them at work in a small group of students?

Our new workbook Small Groups: Big Mission is out now. We recommend going through the content with leaders and students. The Fusion team deliver small group training empowered by the Holy Spirit, prayer and dynamic content from the workbook.