Multiplication and Developing Leaders

In this series we’re exploring how to lead dynamic small groups for the sake of the student world. Below is adapted from a section in the new workbook Small Groups: Big Mission.

Developing leaders is a non-negotiable part of the life of a small group. As you do everyday evangelism and discipleship together, the expectation is that your small group will grow- but if there’s no pathway for leaders to develop, then who will lead those groups and how can they flourish?

A small group leader needs to be aware of not only what they are responsible for, but also what they’re not responsible for. It is key that they don’t feel the need to have all the answers, but instead understand their role as a facilitator to their group. Primarily they will need to guard the vision of the small group, guide the group, and release others into their giftings.

A small group leader will:

  1. Have a proven relationship with God
  2. Be teachable
  3. Have caught the values and vision
  4. Be motivated
  5. Have the gift of facilitation

Their responsibilities will extend further than simply being present for a weekly meeting: organisation, recognising individuals’ needs, welcoming new people, referring difficult situations, assessing the small group, and meeting regularly with a student worker or church leader, are all things that a small group leader should be engaging in.

Of course, the above is only a brief summary of an important role, which can be explored in more depth in Small Groups: Big Mission, alongside the discipleship square, which shows the practical steps of raising leaders:

Developing leaders is a way to release students into their giftings and also be equipped for when a small group is ready to multiply. As multiplication is the goal of small groups, they need to be prepared in order to ensure a smooth process. This includes consideration of things such as time scale, group numbers, who’s going to assist in leading, who is going in what group, and how the new small groups will launch well. Done well, these things will add up to consistent growth and multiplication, and then we will find ourselves caught up in a movement. A focused, Holy Spirit inspired, student movement.

Our new workbook Small Groups: Big Mission is out now. We recommend going through the content with leaders and students. The Fusion team deliver small group training empowered by the Holy Spirit, prayer and dynamic content from the workbook.


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