Fusion Scotland is here!

Scotland is a nation with a strong history. It has birthed inventors and explorers, academics and revivalists. But what of its future?

Over the last 20 years Fusion has been around in Scotland in various forms, but we’ve decided that’s it’s time for there to be an expression of Fusion both born and based in Scotland, and so Fusion Scotland has been formed. It has been born out of a belief that more is possible with God.

Out of a belief that if each generation of students were captured by the radical, life-changing message of Jesus, if they began to grasp who God really is, and if they stepped into all he’s created them to be, then our nation would be changed. That we would see more of God’s kingdom breaking out into every sphere of society.

"It has been born out of a belief that more is possible with God."

Scotland is not the same as other nations and so Fusion Scotland will be different than Fusion in other places. However, just like Fusion in other nations, we are passionate about student mission and discipleship and believe that the local church should be right at the heart of this.

As Fusion Scotland we want to help youth workers prepare their young people for the massive transition into university life, to help new students connect with churches in their university cities and to help churches up and down the country to reach and disciple students in transformative ways which will impact each generation of those coming through our universities.

So if you live in Scotland and also have a heart for students, we would love to hear from you to see how we can journey on this adventure of mission and discipleship together.

You can find out more about Fusion Scotland at: fusionscotland.org

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Photo Credit: Scott Arthur

Christa Lyth

Fusion Scotland Leader

Christa lives in Glasgow and is pioneering Fusion Scotland. She believes that Scotland will be transformed as local churches reach and disciple each generation of students.

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