Preparing the Way

Jesus says “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?"

(Luke 14:28)

In the run up to Escape and Pray, something we would get our teams to focus on is the importance of preparation. They would go away to a surprise university city, with little money and no plans in place. The aim was to pray for and bless the city in any way that God led them to. In this respect, of course there were certain things they couldn’t predict, however that doesn’t mean they had to go off on a God adventure completely unprepared. Our teams gathered before they went to strengthen team spirit, they spent time alone meditating on God’s Word so they were equipped with truth in scary moments, and they invited the Holy Spirit to reveal to them who they might need to pray for.

In our everyday walks with Jesus there are often unknowns, unexpected plot twists, or things that we couldn’t possibly prepare for, but where we can lay foundations down, we should. Just as the Escape and Pray teams did, we can prepare for what God has ahead by seeking Him, in spite of what we don’t know.

The Fusion conference, Firebrands, is all about preparation because we know that often we make the most of the opportunities God puts before us when we take time to pause, reflect, seek God and think before we act. Whether you’re a student, student worker, or passionate about student mission, our encouragement to you is to come along to the conference, and prepare with God and with others for what He wants to do among students in the year to come. You may not know what that looks like yet, but you can be prepared!


Grace McSharry

Comms Administrator

Grace works to update and inspire you through Fusion's digital media. She loves to lead worship with her husband Dan, and feeding people her latest kitchen experiments.

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