Student Linkup Sunday

September is a critical time of the year for hundreds of thousands of school leavers, as they prepare for what is their first long stint away from home. It’s an incredibly exciting time for them to own their faith and embrace new opportunities, but for many it is also incredibly daunting. Here at Fusion, we want to equip you, the local church, to support, prepare, and pray for the young people who are going away to uni this September. Whether you’re sending young people to uni or not, you can play a part; Student Linkup Sunday is coming up!

On the 16th September, we are encouraging churches to dedicate either a service or a slot in their Sunday services to praying for and commissioning those leaving for university. It’s about encouraging your church to recognise what a significant time this is for young people, and to send them off with the support of those who have gone before them.

We would love you to join in, whether it looks like a five minute prayer slot at the beginning of the service, or a full-blown commissioning where your young people have a chance to share. What’s more, we are here to support you; once you’ve signed up, we can send you a pack to help shape what Student Linkup Sunday looks like at your church.

Even if you have lots of youth but no school leavers, you are invited to join in with churches across the country, to support the coming generation as they begin what could be the most significant and shaping years of their life so far. If you want to send any young people off with a some goodies for uni that they will both enjoy and learn from, you can see them here.

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Student Linkup is available as an app and on our website- a tool to help young people find a church when they leave for university. 1000s have already done so, and there are churches ready to welcome you in the UK and across Europe!

Fusion Team

The vision of Fusion is to champion and catalyse church based student movements that see the student world reached and transformed by the gospel.