Wait, What?

Have you ever had one of those moments where you realise how weird a totally normal part of life is? Like, how weird is sleeping?! You’re purposely pretty much unconscious for 8 hours, bundled up horizontally with lots of soft things, and most of us have to be in the dark. Glorious, but weird.

What about with your faith? There can sometimes be stories or concepts we hear so often that we forget how extraordinary they are. For example, the story of Jesus walking on the water, and inviting Peter to do so too - a story I have heard so frequently in my 20 years of being a Christian, and a Vicar’s daughter, that it became ‘normal’. Until recently, when I was pondering it afresh with the Holy Spirit and had a revelation. It is wild.

Perhaps an obvious statement when talking about someone literally walking on water. But it wasn’t until I told Jesus I wanted a better understanding of Him that these little revelations started popping up. Next, as I read about Jesus in the desert I had another revelation. It’s mind-boggling. How I’d managed to normalise stories of a man going 40 days without food, being tempted by the devil, walking on water, and inviting another man to walk on water I’m not quite sure, but what I do know is that as soon as I invited the Holy Spirit in and asked for fresh insight, it came.

Not only has this fresh revelation helped me to know Jesus better, it’s changed the way I live - because that’s what reading the living breathing Word of God does when you remember that it is just that - living, breathing, truth. As the scriptures shift from memorised head knowledge to experienced heart knowledge, it changes us, enabling us to live more like Jesus, and be more like him in our approach to life; decision making, conflict solving, sharing our faith, uni work, commitment to local church.

Where do you need fresh revelation today? Perhaps there’s a certain story in the bible of which the meaning is totally lost on you; ask the Holy Spirit to help you read it with fresh eyes. Maybe there’s even a certain aspect of God’s character you want to experience more of; ask for it to be revealed. God did not set us apart to live normal lives, as He is not normal, nor does He want the glory of our story, His Word, to be hidden from us - keep inviting Him in, and let us never stop having those moments of surprise and awe at how extraordinary faith in Him is!

Grace McSharry

Comms Administrator

Grace works to update and inspire you through Fusion's digital media. She loves to lead worship with her husband Dan, and feeding people her latest kitchen experiments.

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