Joining the movement: Student Linkup

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

I absolutely love this verse because it speaks of God’s creativity, goodness and his purpose for our lives. We are the handiwork of God and before we were even born, He had already prepared a lifetime of good works for us to walk in.

For all you wonderful youth going to University this year, do you know that God has prepared good works for your time at University too? That your university years offer much more than your degree, free Dominos during freshers and late nights? And that God wants to do immeasurably more through you at uni than you could ever ask for or imagine?

Each year, local churches wave goodbye to thousands of young people as they fill their car boots with crockery and clothes, ready to embark on an adventure into adulthood. And our prayer is that they would be planted in a local Church and flourish as disciples of Jesus but unfortunately for many, this isn’t always the case. Therefore the transition into University life is pivotal, so how we prepare our young people for Uni should be a priority. And as a movement, we love to train and resource local Churches to help their young people recognise the good works that God has prepared for them in this new season of life so that they may walk in them.

It was at Soul Survivor, 2012 where I discovered Student Linkup and received a Prep for uni box at the fresher’s stand. For me, after a year of seeing my friends live their best uni lives I was keen and eager to make that move and become a student. I remember being told that university would either make or break my faith but with the help of Prep for uni, solid foundations were laid and my university experience was a time where my relationship with God grew.

I personally am so grateful to the work of Student Linkup as it’s through this that I was welcomed all those years ago by several local churches in my new city, giving me an instant sense of family. Through the work of Prep for uni, I was given the help that transitioned me well into the new and very unique chapter of my life. Fast forward 7 years later, I now get a part to play in shaping the experience of students from all over the UK and it is such a privilege to join in with the story God is writing on campus.  

I love being part of a movement that is passionate and active to see a generation of leaders raised who are bold in telling their mates about Jesus, creative in outreach, loving local church, chasing after God’s heart for Holiness and commissioned in making disciples!

What would it look like if every young person in Church was prepared well for University life? If every fresh-faced 17 and 18 year old was told that University was also their mission field and that God had prepared good works for them at Uni too?

Could you consider playing a part?

You can find out more, by contacting Luke on or apply for a specific role. We’d love to hear from you!

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Funmi Akinola

Student Mission Coach

Funmi is passionate about churches growing and planting. She loves connecting with a diverse breadth of churches and seeing them thrive in creatively loving, welcoming and discipling students.

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