Why bury your head in the midst of exams?

It’s tempting to bury your head in the library and get on with exam season Or to binge Netflix, ignoring that exam season is upon you. 

But, what if there was more to this term than sitting your exams? 

Now, don’t get me wrong. Your exams are really important and education is a privilege. But, I believe God has something more for us than just studying.

I don’t think this season is just about busily burying our heads in the ground, headphones in and getting through. Rather, I believe it is a time to unplug and love others as Jesus did for us. Right before death on the cross Jesus got out a basin and he washed his friend’s mud-stained, dirty feet. How can we follow Jesus’ example? How can we practically love and serve our friends as they are stressed out this exam season? 

God doesn’t just pop his headphones in and ignore our stresses for the next few months. He listens to us, loves us and gives us his peace in the midst of our exams. He serves and loves us as we study. And he calls us to do the same. 

Jesus says in John 15:12 “My command is this: love each other as I have loved you.”

How can we do this with our course mates in the next few months?

What if there was a move across the UK of students who knew that their worth, security and future was not dependant on their exam grades but was dependant on the unchanging love God has for them? And what if we let this reality mean that we put down the overwhelming stress and loved others in the midst of our exam season? 

What if university wasn’t just about making it through but helping people find the ultimate thing worth living for? What if we helped people see that their worth wasn’t found in their exam results but in God’s love for them? 

Let’s not bury our heads but be a light on a stand, just as we were made to be.

Let’s love our course mates as Jesus does this exam season. 

Jenni Wilson

Fusion Scotland Student Mission Developer

Jenni came to faith after a friend asked her to try church. She is passionate about all students finding home in church. She helps churches to meet and equip students to be all God has made them to be.

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