Warm up songs & the road less travelled

That first song warmup. You know that first song in a Sunday service? The one where some people are still getting their coffee and munching down their biscuits? The one where some are still having their weekly catch up? It’s the song that gets bums off their seats but not necessarily hands in the air. Do you know what I’m referring to? 

The first song warmup gets the worship going. It gets people fired up, out of their own heads and fixing their eyes on Jesus. It’s the first song that springboards us into feeling ready to worship. 

But what if there was no need for a first song warmup? What if we didn’t clutch to coffee cups, but instead entered a room ready to worship? What if our firing up didn’t depend on a strong opening worship song? In the words of Matt Redman, what if we postured ourselves with hands up, hearts open?

"It’s moments like this where we begin to realise the magnitude of the movement we are a part of. It can’t be manufactured. It can’t be forced."

There’s something encouraging about standing in a room with other worshippers who don’t need a worship leader. For the last 2 years, the Fusion Conference has been a place where I’ve seen this happen. Before a worship leader even takes the microphone, students are on their feet declaring the Father’s love over their university cities. It’s moments like this where we begin to realise the magnitude of the movement we are a part of. It can’t be manufactured. It can’t be forced. It’s a deep calling and conviction that Jesus must be moving in our campuses and we must be a part of it. 

In September 2018, 350 of us gathered in Oxford for the Fusion Conference. We began with worship, and honestly, the usual first song warmup didn’t exist. There was no clutching at coffee cups to fill time, no continuing conversations, no need to be lead. Instead, there were 350 students, student workers and church leaders, part of a movement much bigger than themselves. The calling to student mission is often the road less travelling, and the road less travelled can sometimes be a lonely one, but not this time. This gathering required no introduction because everyone was ready to pray, intercede, worship and dream. 

When we gather, students and leaders yearning for campuses to be changed, there is so much more than a friendship, but family fired up for Jesus. It is in these spaces that calling is ignited and churches are united. It needs no warm up. 

Do you need this time? Do you need to meet other people who are on the narrow path? Do you need to know there are other people contending for the same thing you are? Do you need to see students passionate about their campuses being changed?

Will you be there? Will you play your part in a movement of God? 

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