Faith over Fear: Club Mission

We asked Michael, a placement student in Loughborough, to write a short blog about his experience of Club Mission for #deckthehalls, encouraging you to share Jesus with your campus. 

After moving to Loughborough for university, the Student Worker at my new church kept encouraging me to serve at Club Mission, but I had just assumed it wasn’t for me so I would always find some sort of excuse as to why I couldn’t make it each Friday night.

After months of persuasion, I finally signed up for a Friday night and it was honestly one of the most nerve-wracking things I had ever done. Approaching random people on a night out to tell them about Jesus seemed like a pretty scary thing, especially when the first person I spoke to called me brainwashed for believing in God and having a faith. However, as the night went on I started to really enjoy it. I got to meet loads of people, I got to flog (and eat) loads of biscuits, I had the pleasure of cleaning up people’s sick and I got to combine my love for Jesus and my love for people. 

Since that week in first year, I've served pretty much every week I physically could. There are few things I have as much love and passion for than Club Mission. It enables me to model Jesus’ love in such a practical way and it’s such a blessing to be able to serve the students of Loughborough. As the night goes on, it can sometimes feel quite difficult to turn small talk into a Jesus chat. The DMC deck is a great tool to make the transition into a deep conversation a whole lot simpler. We often play card games with the deck and whenever someone loses they have to answer the question on the card, seamlessly turning a surface-level conversation into something a bit more real.

My initial feelings of apprehension and nerves have completely flipped into excitement and expectancy for how God is going to move through Club Mission and how he’s going to use us to bless the students who are out. It’s okay to feel nervous, but don’t let fear prevent you from making the most of the opportunity God has presented you with. This doesn’t mean the pressure is on you to say the ‘right thing’ or be the best communicator - Philippians 4:13 says we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. So, we can trust that whenever we go out to do mission, it is all in God’s strength and not our own.

The DMC Deck is available on our resources page.

Fusion Team

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