Marvellous! Why YOU should apply for a Fusion Hybrid Role

I wonder if you have any things that you unknowingly do when you get a bit nervous. We only really realise them when other people point them out. I found out that one of the things I do when the butterflies to start is to keep saying the word “Marvellous!”. 

This was pointed out to me by my Fusion Team Leader, Luke Smith. In my job interview for a Fusion hybrid role, I apparently routinely commented that everything was ‘marvellous’. I think it was a case of foreshadowing, because in the year that has followed that interview on a frigid day in Loughborough, I have seen just how marvellous the job of a Fusion hybrid worker really is. 

If you don’t know what a Fusion hybrid role is, let me fill you in! Churches want student workers. Fusion want Student Mission Developers (i.e., people to resource and equip local churches). A church and Fusion will then join forces to appoint one person to do both jobs, part-time. 

I’m going to share why I love my job, in the hope that it might encourage you to consider applying for the hybrid role at Christ Church London Fusion are currently advertising.

Being in a church as their student worker is superb. It was certainly different to join a church as a member of staff. You have a good deal of authority, and yet you don’t really know anyone in the church! As you settle in and forge those relationships though, you begin to see the fullness of God’s character reflected in the many different moving parts of a church. I was loved, valued, and appreciated by both the other members of the staff team and the congregation, and it started to manifest itself when I put the requests out there for help. 

Firstly, raising financial support for my role was made almost easy (almost!) by the church’s willingness to support me with their wallets. The generosity I have experienced has been so humbling, leaving me speechless at times with how to respond to the stunning kindness of people that I, at this stage, was in the earliest stages of getting to know. 

Secondly, the willingness of the church to love students has been phenomenal. They’re so eager to host students, cook meals, bake cakes, give lifts, and anything else they can do to help. It’s never just a meal, or just a lift - it’s a commitment to the students of this town to say “we are the church and we love you”. And I therefore find everything they give and do profoundly moving. 

Working for Fusion is just as special. Being a part of a ‘movement’ is made clear from day one. Fusion feels defined by the call of God, and I am so thankful to those leaders who have gone before who have helped to shape the movement into what is today. Carrying a message of love for the students of this country and communicating that to churches turns out to have been something of a calling on my life. Every day that I spend living out that calling seeks to stir that near inexpressible joy deep within my soul. I find myself giving thanks to God every night that I do what I do. 

Giving thanks that I get to love students on the local level in my church, and on the national level with Fusion. 

I get to travel all around the country bringing this message of hope in Jesus and home in the local church. I get to be on a regional team here in London with the three most gracious, fun-filled, and driven people I know in Katherine, Funmi, and Aaron. I get to express myself creatively both here on this blog and on the soon-to-be-relaunched Fusion podcast. I get to grow in God as part of my job, and discover what He wants me to become. I get to wake up every morning with the thought of seeing churches reach students, and then I leave the house to do it. I get to do something I believe in. 

And all of this is tied up neatly in the Fusion hybrid role. The roles complement each other so well, and I never feel stretched in either position beyond what I’m capable of. I don’t think either of my two managers feel they are short-changed either. Clarity of vision between the two parties in the recruiting process makes this possible, and both church and Fusion at the heart of it all want to see me love students. And I can do that. I think you probably can too.

If you’re on the fence about applying for a hybrid role, just go for it. Fusion’s interview process is designed to help you discover if you’d fit with the movement, so don’t hesitate to get an application in. It will change your life. 


Sam Brown

Student Mission Developer

Sam had his life transformed by stepping into a leadership role at his church in his final year of university. He is committed to helping churches raise up other student leaders to share the transformational power of Jesus Christ.

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