It’s a way of releasing leaders

Churches are full of amazing people who lead our PA, welcome, cafe, kids work and worship teams. Without them, our Sunday services wouldn’t have happened in the way that they have for so long. 

However, now these gatherings have stopped. Due to the #COVID19 crisis we are not able to meet in gathered groups. What if we released all those leaders into small groups? We are going to need lots of new leaders if new people are going to join groups. 

Small groups have always been excellent places for people to lead within church. They provide opportunities for people to be released into their gifting, lead people in prayer, bible study and discussion. They are also places where we lead others into transformation through the gospel of Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

If the bigger gatherings are places of encounter, small groups are the place of transformation. Where character is formed within people by honesty, vulnerability and accountability. We see each other every week, so we can’t hide in the anonymity that a big Sunday service offers. 

If you would like training on how to run unmissable small groups online, sign up for our training here. 

There are six different sessions that will help you grow groups that spread like wild fire. 

Vision & Values
Building Community
Unmissable Small Groups
Creative Mission
Deeper Disciples
Multiplying Groups

My other reflections on why small groups are so crucial right now are:

When the church has to meet in the small, it spreads like wildfire!
People are waking up spiritually and this is the place to disciple them. 
It’s a chance for the whole church to join a small group not just 50%. 

Luke Smith

Fusion Team Leader

Luke has worked with students in church for 20 years. He loves helping churches figure out how to reach students. He leads the Fusion team to keep them sharp and focused as they serve the local church.

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