International Students: Cross Cultural Mission Styles

Tharshish is the Campus Pastor at Every Nation in Stratford and this is her story of how she was able to use the Fusion resource ‘Mission Styles’ effectively in a Cross-cultural context.

"Every year our church sees Freshers week as our student mission week. For the past few years we have been blessed with churches from around the world sending a short term Mission Team to help us during this week.
In preparation for every incoming Mission Team (local and international) I usually have the team take the Fusion Mission Styles test so the person can get a better understanding of how to engage with students based upon their Mission Style.

I want to cultivate a Lifestyle of Mission.
Last year (Sept 2019), I used the results of the Missional Styles test to pair team members from a South African team with our London team, basing the pairing on complementary Mission Styles and prayer.

The pairing was so efficient especially since the partner knew the other person’s style and so when engaging with the person and listening to the student they were able to identify who should lead the conversion and connect with the person most effectively. Last year we saw Salvation which brought so much encouragement to all of the team members.
I also found that Mission Styles have helped teams adjust cross-culturally in engaging with UK students. Helping them understand the culture and themselves and how they can adjust to the UK student mindset.

"Every year our church sees Freshers week as our student mission week."

I know the team from Hawaii found the Fusion resources so helpful that they have given it to their Campus Ministers as a tool to learn and adapt to their culture."

Have you considered how you're reaching all students, international or not? 

Why not check out Mission Styles to learn how your students can best share their faith?

Ben Jones

Student Mission Developer

Ben has been working with students and young adults for nearly 10 years in 3 different countries. He longs to see students' lives empowered and transformed by the Holy Spirit.

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