Knee Deep

The river of God is still flowing. His life and hope and justice and healing have not stopped running across the changed landscapes of our world and circumstances. Just as Ezekial was first led ankle deep into the river of God, so we have got our feet wet in prayer and hope for the new academic year and all that Jesus still wants to do on the campus and in us.

Ezekiel 47 goes on to say that the man leading Ezekiel next took him ‘knee-deep’ into the river of God. What does it mean for us to press in further and get knee-deep into the heart of God for universities and students now?

As we wade into prayer, let’s take a moment to lift our eyes off ourselves and our own place in student mission. As we move deeper into God’s heart, we are invited to pray for our existing student communities. You might want to pray for your church community, your small group, your friends who follow Jesus and are with you on this good news journey of student mission. We need a team, we are made for connection and friendship with other people, and after months of social distancing we need to pray for fresh unity and the strengthening of community as we start the term.

Think of your friends who follow Jesus. Thank God for them, one by one, name by name. Ask God to remind you of the ways who they are is a gift to your life. Listen to the Holy Spirit in case he has a specific word of encouragement that he’d like you to share with them. 

Think of your leaders, the people who create places of safety, wisdom, direction and family in your community. Thank God for them, one by one, name by name. Ask to God show you ways you might encourage them in this time and pray for them in the decision-making that is so vital up ahead. 

Think of your current community that is committed to student mission. Thank God for it. Recall the times you’ve experienced this community thriving, working well together for the sake of the campus. Remember the stories of students coming to faith that you’ve seen or been told. Worship Jesus for it all, knowing he is the one who still saves.

Wading into the river of God knee deep moves us beyond ourselves and into the reality that we belong to a family, the people of God. The deeper we go with God, the deeper we are called into community and to think beyond just personal faith. 


Father God

Thank you that the depths of your love calls us all deeper into love for one another.

In a time of change and preparation we are so grateful for the existing community we have around us.

Jesus, thank you for your Church, your body, and thank you that we are only a part of it and that we need one another.

Holy Spirit, help us reconnect with our friends, churches and student communities more deeply than ever this September. 

Move us knee-deep towards the call of student mission, not as isolated individuals, but as a glorious in-process band of disciples.



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Miriam Swanson

Global Student Mission Leader

Miriam helps equip the church for student mission internationally. She's based in the USA and hungry to see young adults follow Jesus with all of who they are. 

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