Giving your dreams to God

So in the course of time Hannah became pregnant and gave birth to a son. She named him Samuel saying “Because I asked the Lord for him.”

1 Samuel 1: 20


Every few weeks I run a girls small group where we chat about life and big questions about faith. This week I was asking them what their hopes and dreams regarding jobs were. One girl loves dancing and told me she hopes to perform on Broadway or in the West End. Another would like to be an astronaut (although she worries that the fact she hates roller coasters might not bode well for the trip to space) and the other wants to be an archeologist and ‘find something cool like a T-Rex.’ It was so much fun hearing them discuss what they hope their life may look like but it got me thinking...

What am I dreaming about at the moment and am I inviting God into those dreams?

In 1 Samuel we read about a lady called Hannah, her dream was to have a baby but she couldn’t because God had closed her womb. Hannah was deeply upset that she was childless so she went to the temple and desperately prayed and poured out her troubles to God. God listened to her prayers and the next day Hannah fell pregnant and later had a son called Samuel. 

Hannah thought that her dream to have a child would never come true, but that didn’t mean she stopped praying. Perhaps you have hopes and dreams that you have given up on being true, but have you prayed about them? Have you cried out to God and asked for him to change something? God blessed Hannah as she poured out her disappointment, but have we done the same? 

My challenge to you today has two steps:

1. Spend some time reflecting on what you’re dreaming about. Perhaps it’s a job you’d like or a friend you want to see come to know Jesus. Perhaps you’re dreaming bigger, about the breakthrough you want to see happen in the world or revival on your campus? 

2. Spend some time praying. Invite God into your hopes and dreams and see how he can transform them. 


Suzanna Ling

Church Relations Developer and Administration

Suzanna is passionate about seeing students come to know Jesus and find a home within church during their time at university. She connects with churches and helps equip them to support students in the best way they can.

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