You've Got Mail!

There are lots of churches who are passionate about blessing students but are not located near a university campus. They want to support students and keep in contact with them but are unsure of the best way to do this. Perhaps this sounds like your church? Well keep reading to hear this incredible story about what a little village church has done...

Barbara and Vina go to a church in Berkhamsted. They are passionate about seeing students grow in their faith and discipleship but do not live near a university. However, the church they attend has a number of young people who are away at university so they decided that they wanted to support those students. 

Here is Barbara’s story about how they have continued to connect with the young people in their church who are away at university: 

‘One of the young people at our church brought to our attention that no one kept in contact with the students while they were away at university which made them feel disconnected from our church family. This is not how we want church to be so we decided to make a change. My friend and I both enjoy making cards so we decided to make cards and send them to the students twice a term to let them know that we are praying for them. At Christmas we also sent the students’ one of Fusion’s DMC Deck’s as a little Christmas present which I know lots of them really appreciated! This was the first year we have sent the cards but we are very excited to continue sending them next year as more of our young people go to university.’

Isn’t that great! I loved hearing Barbara’s story as it is such a simple but creative way of keeping in contact with those members of your church family who are currently away at university.

So if you are a church wanting to connect with students but weren't sure how, why not grab a pen and start writing some letters! 


Do you have any other creative ways in which you keep in contact with the young people in your church while they are away at university? Please drop me an email, we’d love to hear them!



Suzanna Ling


Suzanna is passionate about seeing students come to know Jesus and find a home within church during their time at university. She connects with churches and helps equip them to support students in the best way they can.

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