The Convict and the Nazi

I don’t know about you but I don’t believe in “coincidences”.

We, the Club Mission team, had been praying before the Halloween Club Night kicked-off, and one of the team had got the specific, prophetic picture of two guys, one dressed as a French man and one as a “Cheeky Convict” who God wanted us to encounter that evening. So when two blokes matching this exact description strolled in to get some water and check-out the chill-out room the church were putting on, I knew God had a plan.

The student dressed as a convict with fake blood peeling off his face, costume aside, reminded me entirely of one of my best friends who became a Christian at Uni . Therefore the moment he started telling me about his life, I knew exactly where he was with God, and also where he wanted to be. This guy had been brought up in the Church, but at some stage had walked away from Christianity, but not because it wasn’t true. The fact of the matter was he’d been waiting for someone to open the door back into faith and “this Jesus thing” again. When I summed up his ramblings, his response was “How do you know me?!” to which I was able to explain that it honestly wasn’t me, but God, who already knew him inside-out.

This blood-stained criminal is coming to Student Alpha today. No doubt about it.

Then there was the “Zombie Nazi” (it seems on Halloween you can dress as anything you like, add blood, and you are just a zombie-version). I had just left the Club Mission room to have a wander round the dance floor when I bumped into a lad dressed as a Nazi who I had seen getting water from us a few minutes earlier. I’m not sure how it happened but before I knew it, he had asked me to go back into the chill-out area with him so he could talk to me about God.

45 minutes later and with multiple drunken apologies for his attire, this guy had poured his heart and history out, about flunking Uni, bad relationships and deliberately living a life that he had hoped would fulfil him but had left him empty and wishing he had been “good enough to keep following God” because “I know it’s true”.

I’m only 23, I left Uni a matter of months ago. These guys are my generation, they are the same as my friends, my siblings, they are the same as me. Sitting at 2 am with a guy who openly professes to being lost, and can’t quite believe that after all this time at Uni, he has actually met someone who wants to help him find the God he abandoned, is why I do my job. It is why any student who knows Jesus, is called to be where they are, surrounded by the people they are. It is to share life, and life to the full that comes from the author of life himself, Jesus Christ.

I refuse to believe these blokes with blood-stained faces aren’t worth staying up to the early hours for. I refuse to watch my own generation stumble along without anyone asking them if they want a drink of water, or a chat. I refuse to believe there is a single student out there who knows Jesus, and yet cannot bring someone else to him.

Let the kingdom come and God’s will be done, in our generation as it is in heaven.

Pray. Matthew 6.

Miriam Swanson

Global Student Mission Leader

Miriam helps equip the church for student mission internationally. She's based in the USA and hungry to see young adults follow Jesus with all of who they are. 

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