Let's Talk About Talk With Me

How do we connect with our students who are talkers? The ones who love a conversational expression of faith? 

Those who have a Talk With Me mission style are relational, they love to listen to people's stories, and talk rarely stays small. A DMC (deep and meaningful conversation) is a staple of the Talk With Me experience. 

Fancy a chat?

Often connecting with a talk with me is as simple as grabbing a coffee and taking time to share stories, testimonies, and just getting to know each other. This is even possible in a pandemic. If you can't meet indoors go for a socially distanced walk. Discover a local park or explore your city. 

If your church has outdoor space and you want to avoid miserable weather, set up a shelter, umbrellas, or a gazebo where you will still be outside and distanced but less damp!

DMC Competition

A Talk With Me loves a DMC. Run a competition on social media, inviting people to come up with a question that could be part of the DMC deck. Use the time that the competition is running to host short live streams of students answering questions from the deck and post examples of entries coming in. This will get students talking!

Make the prize something exciting, you could offer a week's worth of shopping or a 'quarantine survival kit' (including plenty of loo roll!). You could even throw in some DMC decks to keep the conversation going! You could make the prize a doorstop...

My door is always open...

For students, it can be as simple as owning a doorstop and having an open door to invite people in for conversation. An open door is much less daunting if a friend needs to talk, or it can just create an opportunity for connection.

Taking the time to really chat with students is a brilliant way to get to know them and build relationships. It's also a brilliant way to find out more about what their mission style may be. Take the quiz here!

Esther Norris

Church Relations and Student Mission Developer

Esther loves seeing students get involved in the local church, serving and finding community. Esther does student work in her local church alongside reaching churches and students with Fusion.