Show Me Jesus

"DO. LITERALLY. ANYTHING." was the shriek that filled my university kitchen, bellowed by a heavily disgruntled Northern Irish medical student. 

Her prized possession, a newly purchased 10-litre glass kilner drinks dispenser, had just imploded in frankly spectacular fashion. 

We had invited a load of our friends over for a barbecue, and filled up the new kilner with cheap lemonade, bags of ice, and a number of halved lemons just to prove that we were capable of operating with some class. 

After the party finished and our pals trudged home through the warm summer air, we set about the clean up. I decided a good place to start would be said kilner, and immediately filled the thing up with boiling water. Bad call. 

The kilner emptied itself almost instantly, and covered our kitchen floor with shards of glass and boiling water. As I looked around the room, unsure which calamity to address first, another housemate strode purposefully into the room. Taking tea towel in one hand and broom in the other, he set to work without a second's hesitation to make the situation right. 

There was an immediate problem, and this housemate went to work straight away to solve it. 

This is a way of life for so many of the students around us. It might even be true for you! 

"Show me" people are desperate to see that their actions and beliefs will have verifiable, real world consequence - in the same manner my housemate saw his actions on that night would have a consequence with regards to the perilous situation with the kilner. 

Faith is something that a Show Me individual would want to see the real life results of. 

Both seemingly abstract concepts of experience and hard evidential proof are not critically important in the first instance for our Show Me friends. What they want to know is that following Jesus has made a difference. 

This can be a difference in your life, or the lives of others. 

Justin Welby (the Archbishop of Canterbury) believes that Christians should be able to share their faith in three minutes, what he calls a "Bus Stop Conversation". 

In the first minute, you need to talk about your life before you met Jesus. 

In the second minute, you need to talk about how you met Jesus. 

And in the third and final minute you talk about how your life is different now that you have met Jesus. 

Use this on your Show Me friends! It's highly likely they have already spotted something in the way you live that marks you out as different to everyone else, and if you can concisely explain why that is the case, you will be on to a winner. 

Jesus, help us to show the difference that Jesus makes in our lives. Not just through words, but through the discernible actions that will mark us as separate from the rest of the world. Amen. 


Sam Brown

Student Mission Developer

Sam had his life transformed by stepping into a leadership role at his church in his final year of university. He is committed to helping churches raise up other student leaders to share the transformational power of Jesus Christ.

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