An Introduction to the Stuff of Life

Welcome to The Stuff of Life, it is the sort of stuff that affects all of us to a greater or lesser extent.

It’s stuff that already impacts our relationships and outlook on life, stuff that, if not faced, can diminish a lot of our freedom and enjoyment of day to day living.  It’s the stuff we often have a sense of shame about and struggle to talk about. It’s the stuff that we often need a bit of help in working through. And it’s the stuff that, once we have helped ourselves, makes us better equipped to help others.

My hope is that this handbook will bring fresh courage and hope to a generation of students and twenty-somethings; that the insights and understanding provided will give a framework for living life well; that areas of pain, weakness and addiction can be overcome and that the grace of God encountered in a new way. My hope also is that every young adult can read this handbook, first to better understand themselves, and second to better understand and appreciate others. It is this self awareness and awareness of others that is so important in twenty-first century mission. It allows us to meet people where they are and journey with them.

This is not self-help; it is about re-framing the challenges that life throws up, cultivating relational and emotional intelligence, and not letting our current emotional or mental pain be a barrier to our future fulfilment. I fully endorse the work of Mind and Soul, not as something separate, but as a vital and integrated contribution for our health, spiritual formation and mission to this world. I am grateful Mind and Soul care enough to partner with Fusion in writing this handbook to encourage a generation of students and young adults sort out their ‘stuff’ and learn to live life well.

May it serve you well and also your friends who have yet to discover how very much God loves them.

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Fusion Team

The vision of Fusion is to champion and catalyse church based student movements that see the student world reached and transformed by the gospel.