Fusion Value: catalyst

Fusion Value: catalyst

For decades the student numbers within the Universities of this nation have continued to grow. This process has opened up many new opportunities for the Church of Jesus Christ to reach students. These changes and opportunities have corresponded with a significant decline in national Church attendance within the University age range.

The decades of greatest opportunity have coincided with times of greatest decline and we believe a two fold response is already underway.

Firstly, there is the need for new initiatives.

Secondly, there is the need for fresh impetus, energy, creativity and resources to enable existing student ministry to achieve a whole new level of growth.

Fusion exists to be a ‘Catalyst’ engaging this challenge. A catalyst is an agent which either starts or speeds up a chemical reaction. It is a causal agent, an accelerant, an activator. It enters the mix and precipitates a process whilst retaining its distinct identity. It is responsible for events and results.

A ‘Causal Agent’, ‘Starting’ and ‘Activating’

Fusion exists to ‘carry the flame’ of Church based student ministry. To inspire, encourage and enable students, Churches and student workers to embark on fresh adventures in student mission and to provide the resources, expertise and creative models which enable 1000’s of new student ministries to begin. We are here to resource and help facilitate the dreams and visions of local Churches in respect of students and student ministry. We are here to help Churches own the student mission field for themselves and to see many students saved, discipled and released into Gods purposes year after year.

An ‘Accelerant’, speeding up the reaction

Fusion is also able to bring fresh creativity, resources and energy into established student ministries. We provide resources, training conferences, and access to key personnel as well as connecting students and student workers to other locations where new ideas and models can be observed and drawn from. The annual student workers conference, regular student work local forums and love you uni events are key elements in this process. Part of our role is also serving and enabling existing student works to grow in size and depth.

Precipitating a process

The students of this nation will not be reached with the good news of Jesus Christ without a massive mobilisation and engagement of 1000’s of local Churches in student ministry. Student life and culture is increasingly complex and diverse. This means that the task of the Church in reaching students is becoming increasingly complicated.

Fusion has experience of standing alongside local Churches of every size and denomination as they begin to ask questions around how they might grow a student ministry. We are here to help Churches prepare their young people for University life and support them whilst they are away. We are also here to help Churches in student towns and cities reach and care for students more effectively.

We can help in identifying the opportunities and strategy offering key input along the way as well as access to expertise and useful resources. We are here ‘for the long haul’ and so are able to support Churches in each stage of the process of growing their student work.

Our distinct identity

Fusion is not a ‘para church’. Neither do we aspire to own or ‘brand’ student works, small groups or ministries. We are a movement of people whose lives are rooted in local Church who have a vision to play our part in reaching the students of this nation through partnership, relationships and connections which span the whole spectrum of Churches and ministries within the Body of Christ in this nation.

Fusion Team

The vision of Fusion is to champion and catalyse church based student movements that see the student world reached and transformed by the gospel.