This New Year’s Eve we will no longer be off our faces, but on our faces, for Jesus, because of Jesus.

How many New Year’s Eve gatherings have you been to that have started the next year as you meant it to go on? Were you really hoping that 2011 would be charaterised by emotional drunk friends in a mess? Was the ideal start to January being crammed into a pub with an hour queue for the bar? How much do we expect New Year’s Eve to be the best night of the last 365, and how often are we let down under the pressure for this certain date, at a certain time, to be the most significant moment yet?

Enough with the mediocre gatherings, the parties with no focus but a ticking clock and a punch bowl. I’m done with celebrating a date. I am not satisfied with the year-in year-out expectation of December 31st having to be the best party, whilst in the same breath not knowing what it is we are really celebrating other than a different date than yesterday.

I want to start as I mean to go on. I want to see a _SHIFT in my generation’s culture which is currently consumed by consumerism, chasing cheap thrills and promises never fulfilled, existing for the moment yet with no purpose or focus. And I’m not the only one.

This New Year’s Eve, a bunch of us 20s- 30s are getting together in London to seek God and pray for a _SHIFT in our generation. We are gathering the nation’s young adults to party hard at St. Paul’s Hammersmith, but with a purpose. This movement (and it is a movement) is student lead, run and owned. We will not sit and complain at the state of the nation, we will not wait for someone else to step up and do something. We are the body of Christ, Jesus is the head, and he’s already told us what to do.

 23 “Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.” (Jesus in John 4)

This is your invitation to join the party that really is starting 2012 as we mean to go on. On our knees before Almighty God, knowing that we will not stay silent until we see a _SHIFT. I genuinely believe this is one of those defining moments which will become a benchmark when we look back and see how the Church in the UK got rebuilt, refined and restored. Be part of the _SHIFT.

Get your (very cheap) ticket now and I’ll see you in London for a night worth celebrating, because this New Year’s Eve we will no longer be off our faces, but on our faces, for Jesus, because of Jesus. 

Miriam Swanson

Global Student Mission Leader

Miriam helps equip the church for student mission internationally. She's based in the USA and hungry to see young adults follow Jesus with all of who they are. 

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