"Looking for a Career in Media? Maybe we can help."

As the main session came to an end, the Conference Host invited delegates to ask questions. Immediately, a forest of hands shot up. But, one hand seemed to be a little higher than the rest. The roving microphone found its way to the back of the hall into the clutching hands of a young woman in her mid-twenties. She stood to her feet and announced that she worked in FM radio, did voice-overs and occasionally presented live programmes. Then, she asked, “Am I the only Christian who works in media?”

So many Christians working in mainstream media feel just like this young woman. They feel isolated, alone, unrecognised. Ever since 1967, when the charity first emerged, ‘Christians in Media’ has existed to ‘support, encourage and inspire’ Christians who work in, and with, media. People like this young woman. 

For many, ‘Christians in Media’ is more than a charity. It is a family helping to connect brothers and sisters in Christ across Great Britain and Northern Ireland. While the charity has undergone many changes since its inception, its vision is to see people flourish in their faith, be influential for the Kingdom and help shape the media landscape. 

This is why we are so excited to launch our very first ‘Christians in Media’ Mentoring Programme targeted at Christians aged 18-25 years of age, who are right at the beginning of their media career, or simply thinking of entering the profession.

Christians in Media is looking for seven candidates to take part in its six-month pilot programme. You’ll enjoy 6 one-to-one sessions with a handpicked mentor. An opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge of the industry, make important connections with experienced media professionals to expand your network, and get crucial guidance about how to navigate a broadly secular industry as a person of faith. 

The Mentoring Programme will see young people attend virtual equipping weekends where they will be mentored in practical skills to help them in their future careers, as well as hearing from media professionals and faith leaders about what it is like to be a Christian working in media. Depending upon your availability, the programme also offers work placement and opportunities within the sector. Plus, you will be invited to write and record for ‘Christians in Media’ across all platforms

The pilot programme will begin in June and run to December this year.  Deadline for applications is Friday 7th May with virtual interviews held on or around 13th May. So, if you are passionate about media, thinking of media as a serious career choice, then this programme is for you. Interested, and you want to apply, then click here and check out the wonderful team of mentors keen to help you, and what you need to do when applying for this exciting programme. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you develop your media career.

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Written by Christians in Media.


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